WE ARE DAN STUDIO, a creative and young studio dedicated to design in every segment – from concept to complete realization. The experience of our team in different spheres of the design industry is a synthesis that enables us to complete the entire process from start to finish. For us, the project is successful when the clients feel like they created it personally, with their own hands and ideas. We deal with spaces and objects with equal dedication – whether we design them, or shape them technically before letting them be made. Rigorous when it comes to quality, we constantly raise our own expectations. Rational when it comes to your budget, because we are aware that resources have limits. We are located in Novi Sad and Belgrade, but the location of your project isn’t an obstacle for us. Through detailed research, we come to a solution, and physical realization is now completely solvable no matter where the project is based at. We believe in commitment, creativity, good interpersonal relationships and, above all, in the win-win philosophy of business.


Balzakova 16. Novi Sad Srbija




+381 60 42 71 055