Yacht Interior Design

To design an interior of a yacht is really something else, and truly special. Usually constructions that I had opportunity to work on in the past are static, window view is always oriented to the same side while in yacht perception is always changing. In that changing and floating world interior design should be creates. There is a saying that only the person that built a boat truly knows it, that turned out to be so true. We are very grateful to shipyard in Alexandria for applying our design with such an understanding.

What makes yacht special is the luxury and authenticity. Yacht is almost always made for known client and buyer, and as such needs to reflect sensitivity of its future owner. To quote one of the leading yacht designer Pascale Raymond who explains authenticity in a such good manner: „I will never shop for everything in one go, or try to match things, like colours for instance; it would end up looking far too much like a hotel. It’s important that we take our time, to create a space that feels like a home.“

Since our task was to preserve originality of the time period in which Le Grande Ourse Yacht was created – the 50’s. In the same time we needed to incorporate personal style and stamp of the new owner. That is why we used materials and finishing that provides vintage feeling, and played with wood inlay creating inspiring motives for the owner. In the bedroom above the head board that is upholstered in chesterfield style we have designed pattern that is combination of lotos flower and meditating man. We did this due to the owners passion and description of absolute experience as meditation at the open sea. 

One of the themes that should be always addressed is hardware like door knobs for instance. Pascale Reymond as well as DAN often design these details, however in the case of Le Grande Ourse we decided to preserve original door knobs.

Besides interior space the exterior plays the important role as well. Maybe this example is the best to present originality of our solution. As a designers we were led by a trend of having boots with a available space for mingling on the main deck. Nevertheless, after several long discussions with the client and search for suitable solution for him we ended up designing a beautiful round table made of teak, as well as the classical centralized seating area. Take a look bellow at the differences between Kissmet Yacht by Pascale Raymond and Le Grande Ourse Yacht done by DAN studio. Even though, I find Kissmet as one of the most beautiful yachts and my personal u, Le Grande Ourse has authentic open space especially designed for its owner. 

We are extremely proud that the owner entrusted us with the design, oversight, and production of this project. Keep following our work and we will provide updates on the project.