The Story about sustainable development - Less is more!

The notion of sustainable development plays important role in every aspect of modern society. In the fields of economy, ecology and sociology – strategy and philosophy of future society development there is unbreakable bond with responsible and controlled usage of resources. The broadest definition for sustainable development is – society development in line with renewable capabilities and preservation of natural resources used by humanity.  This responsible concept advocates for an idea of responsible usage of natural resource only in the amount that we really need while not endangering nature preservation and its ability for renewable resources.

Future skyscraper made out of wood - Penda’s Timber Tower

The role of architecture and architectural design long time ago stopped being merely about implementation of ecological materials and introduction of plants into space. Architecture that integrates numerous human activities becomes primary advocate for the idea of sustainable development and creates possibilities for its realisation. Modern architecture creates and expands the frame of our everyday life based on values of sustainable development and responsible resources usability. Kombination of new technologies and materials with wanted characteristics caused development of elaborate projects, that are primarily envisioned to operate as self sustainable independent from its surrounding. That is why today we have the ability to create structures with better isolation characteristics that minimises energy loss while heating or cooling the space. Modern technology controls operating time of the appliances in line with our presence in the space, controls heat and light in the space based on the time and outdoor/indoor temperature, etc. These new demands opens the door for string of new possibilities in creative designing and combining it with modern technologies, production methods and materials finishing, as well as to space functionality.

In everyday life most of us isn’t in the position to afford these kind of systems or renovate home in a manner that will satisfy many strict demands that constructions should have. Nevertheless, there are different ways how we can adapt our life style and make a contribution to preservation of natural resource. Indeed even the little things make a difference in nature preservation for secure and comfortable life of future generations. These small rules become exemplary behaviour of responsible citizen in home, community, city, planet.  

Here are some of the habits that we recommend implementing and expanding in your community…

  1. Turn off the lights when leaving the room
  2. Adjust your cell phone and computer to Power – save mode
  3. Buy only products that you really need and will use
  4. Recycle, recycle, recycle everything that is possible in your surrounding
  5. Minimize the usage of plastic bags and bottles
  6. Replace whenever possible car with bicycle, walk, city transportation or organise carpooling with your neighbours and colleagues