Project Engineering in the realization of interior design - HOTEL METROPOL PALACE

In a sea of ​​information, beautiful photos, self-promotion of different companies, project engineering is the “lifeblood”, which allows us to turn our client’s dream into a reality. In this blog, I want to explain how the project engineering, at DAN studio, works on real project example.

When we got the invitation to join the team that worked on the interior of the restaurant on the 10th floor of the Hotel Metropol Palace, the place had only concrete structural elements. The team that worked on the interior design was the MKV design studio from London and a project manager within the Hotel Metropol Palace. The DAN studio was the link that connected the design – implementation on the site within the budget required by the hotel project manager.

In order for the idea of ​​the hotel owner, Mr Yannis Daskalantonakis, that was created back in London by world famous designers, turn into reality, our first task was to harmonize the design drawings with the real situation on the site. In that way we avoided one of the common, most fundamental mistakes, and that is to start the implementation process with only a render and the basic drawing, which never reflects the real situation and doesnot include installations that the given space must have in order to function. That is how we entered into a regular correspondence with the MKV from London, and started coordinating their ideas with the actual situation at the site. The process was long, but creative and constructive one. Long because when it comes down to the catering facility or a hotel, it is equally important what will the visual impression be like, as well as whether everything will work flawlessly.

What was the investor’s specific benefit of engaging the DAN studio? That we made possible for the harmonization process to run parallel with the actual works on the building.

Logic dictates that all projects must comply with the set requirements before the execution, but when every single day while the restaurant is closed costs between 10.000-15.000 €, it is clear why it was important to run everything parallely. Our team was solving the details of the design, coordinating the installation works, and it took care not to overstep the budget that was controlled by the hotel project manager. Of course, that compliance process run until all the works had been completed, and for such thing to work you need to have a dedicated team able to implement and control all of that. This was a remarkable effort, to be focused all the time, on every single detail, but it gave us an indescribable feeling once we saw our own creations, which until then had existed only on screen or paper, become reality.

In addition to the design harmonization, the DAN studio made sure that the work was carried out in the correct order. Here I wish to mention that this task became increasingly difficult as the amount of details started to get larger.  For example, to make the wooden paneling of the wall, all the dry-mounting works, electrical installations, carpentry, locksmith and glazing works had to be performed in the correct order and very accurately. When you want one position to look perfect, and the only way to do it is to balance five different crafts, that requires a huge commitment, and expertise.

Each process can be easily done, when there is enough time left, but on this project, time was of the essence, as important as the design and comfort, that was a must. In order to save money, we advised the project manager when and to what extent should he increase the number of people, when to speed up  the things, and when to leave some extra time for the contractors.

Our team managed the process, resources and time on this project. Each project is like a sailing ship that must have a course, a crew and a captain.

The course is determined by the client, the crew is the conractors and designers, and a captain in the Hotel Metropol Palace 10th floor restaurant project was the DAN studio.


Vladimir Savčić