„Le Grande Ourse“yacht interior design

I cannot help but start this blog with WOW!!!

This was my exact reaction when a year ago I got a phone call from a client asking if I was interested in designing the interior of a yacht that stood anchored in Alexandria. Could I have answered differently, but YES, of course! Thus began the most luxurious and most demanding project in our current design portfolio.

A yacht is used for pure enjoyment. It is the ultimate symbol of hedonism and prestige in the world today, and to design that kind of luxury interior is the most challenging task an interior designer can face. “Le Grande Ourse” yacht in addition to being an ultimate symbol of luxury, has a deeper significance to her owner. It was left to him by his late father and has a special place in his collection of five yachts. Although subsequent vessels, that he acquired, were larger, more modern, more powerful and much faster, our client did not want to give up this 21 meters long beauty made entirely of mahogany wood, and designed in the spirit of the classic style of the 50s, with straight lines and sharp corners.

“Le Grande Ourse” in the 50s

I think that all of you are familiar with the well-known truism, which architects often exploit, that when it comes to design, the most important factor is the enlightened client rich in spirit and understanding. The given project had proved this very true. On this occasion, I would like to thank our client, immensely, for a great working experience.

At the start, at the very first meeting in Alexandria, the client set up a seemingly, easy task, but at the same time, perhaps, the most challenging one. The aim was to keep the same style and spirit of the yacht that she had when built, but to add certain details that would contribute to the easiness of travel and splendor of luxury that a yacht of this kind deserves.

We responded to the challenge by using a variety of samples of different types of wood treated with epoxy and polyester, different fabrics of finest weaving, perspective drawings in which we showed our ideas and images that conjured ambience of the 1950s.

At this initial stage, once we have agreed on the design, we signed the final contract and the voyage could begun. About the results of the work process, the following drawings and renders speak louder than words.

At the end of each road, a new one begins, and so the end of our project marked the beginning of interior construction works. The trust that we have gained during the developmental phase of the project, continued in the form of carrying out the author supervision, so two weeks ago we were invited to evaluate the ability of a potential contractor. The client is still looking for an appropriate offer on this issue, while we still continue to help.  

I truly believe that we will soon publish the photos of the yacht finished interiors.


Vladimir Savčić