Kitchen Design trends for year 2019

Kitchen was never just a place for food preparation but the focal point of each home and family. Whether it is family gathering or just dinner with friends we often find ourselves in kitchen surrounded with dear people…talks over counter tops and around stove – planning of vacation, school problems, work situations, are just some of many topics that are being discussed and solved in the kitchen while our dinner is in the oven. Therefore, it is easy to understand our need and desire to have properly equipped and designed kitchens.

In year 2019 many different styles and trends in furnishing, were announced. They allowed us to design envisioned kitchen in accordance to our own wishes and needs. No matter what style we choose, kitchen needs to be organized in such a manner to be functional and to provide enough storage space above all.

Kitchen with simple and clean lines, with long counter tops for food preparation made of certain material or color were very popular before as well today. Similar trends are continued in year 2019. Kitchen with metal dark back splash covering full height of the room and lower kitchen cabinets made of wood with fine geometrical pattern is great example of the modern and contemporary kitchen. Lack of top cabinets emerges as one of possible kitchen designs for this year.

This year will continue as well more traditional design style, rustic ambience incorporated with modern elements and plenty of details, for those that prefer it. Common examples for this trend are open shelves and top cabinets that revile unusual pans, vases, dishes, etc. In these kitchens it is advised use of raw, unfinished materials – wood, stone, jute, etc.

Beside white color which was dominant in the past, designers advise bolder colors to be used for kitchen elements. Suggested color pallet starts from black and dark shades of blue, across olive green and mustard yellow, all the way to coral color.


Miljan Torma