Interior design tips for rental apartment

Many apartment listings, for short term rental for a day or couple, that we come across on websites such as AirBnb, have been recreated and remodeled through an extensive project by the owner. Although there are no set rules for how to design your own space, you need to carefully think through and plan out how you will renovate it, with a specific theme or style, materials, colours, and pieces of furniture. Following this systematic process along with the work of an architect, a home designer or you yourself, if you feel capable and are willing to recreate the space, results in a space with a highly presentable look that would succeed in the renting business, by bringing the attention of many towards it because of its appearance.

The appearance of your apartment listing to the viewers greatly depends on the first impression, from the view of the main entrance, to the eating area and all other spaces. For this, many experienced owners in apartment renting pay much attention to  perfecting the appearance of the entrance door and hallway, and the look of the rooms you first enter. Clean form of the door, perhaps painted in a noticeable colour, alongside plants, an original apartment number or mirror adorning the entrance wall, these details often make a big positive impact.

Attention should be devoted to apartment appearance and his functionality. Architects’ skills play a major role here, not just in a process apartment design, but in finding functional solutions as well like: layout and organisation of the kitchen with all necessary appliances, front entry area, living space, bedroom, and bathroom…. Each and every of the future tenants will grade tidiness, comfort, ambience and functionality of each space – especially mud room and closets.

Style that you chose for decorating the apartment provides you with ability to select theme color and how you will interpret it. Some general advice is that inspiration for a style comes from surrounding – landmark buildings, paintings, important local themes..- if possible. Goes without saying that theme for apartments’ interior design can be whatever you imagine, here you have absolute freedom. Theme can be – movie interpretation, famous paintings, comic book & hero, single color as a dominant element of a space… These theme frames always provide interesting and appealing space for the clients.

In accordance with selected theme you should chose fabrics, furniture, decorating elements, paintings, sculptures, plants… Rule of thumb is – furniture should be new however if you have chosen theme that demands rustic or stylish piece of furniture, use quality restored old pieces. Still try to avoid these valuable pieces of furniture or decoration – due to their value they can become burthen and obstacle for you as landlord, as well as for your renters.  

Another general advice is to choose quality and resilient materials for apartment furnishing, that will provide sharp and appealing apartment for longer time period. Atmosphere that we get must be comfortable for wide group of renters, in order to increase chances for apartment renting. Neutral atmosphere, usually is achieved with moderate and appropriate decoration. Photographies of these interiors easier attract attention of future rentiers. Rental property shouldn’t contain personal items, such as family photos or family heritage items, from rental owners. In interior design and furnishing status and religious symbols should be avoided since they could be offensive and provoking to some rentiers, or they could divert possible rentiers from booking your place while searching place to stay on internet.


Miljan Torma