Hotel Metropol Palace and DAN

Since its grand opening in 1957, Hotel Metropol has been considered as one of the most authentic symbols of Belgrade as an important world capital. On the subject of its history and character we have already written about in an earlier post, but since then, Hotel Metropol, (rebranded as “Metropol Palace“ in 2012) after all the negative things that happened to this magnificent building, has regained its former luxury hotel status. After so many years of neglect, its facade has been completely restored, and nowadays its elegant looks and striking lighting at night are simply breathtaking and entice to visit it.

Hotel Metopol in 1957

The tenth floor restoration (top two floors, ninth and tenth, were destroyed by fire in 2002) is going great. Interior design of the restaurant located on this floor has been done by one of the most prestigious studios in the world – MKV Design London. This studio was launched in 1999 and it brings together some of the biggest and most respected experts in this field, in the world, specialized for both hotels and private residences. Maria Katsarou Vafiadis, a founder of the MKV, guarantees uniqueness, personal vision, intelligent design and the highest possible standards of each of their projects.

Hotel Metropol-interior design (MKV design)

This restaurant will be one of the most exclusive ones in Belgrade and Serbia. Thanks to cooperation with the London based MKV, the interior will be superb, full of fresh and exciting aesthetic solutions. Since the Metropol Palace is located in the heart of Belgrade, its top floor offers a stunning view of the entire Serbian capital, especially across the greenery of Tasmajdan park. We believe that this location will become a regular destination for local and foreign businessmen, important diplomatic guests and music and film stars who visit our country.

Interior design of the restaurants on the 10th floor

We are more than satisfied with cooperation that we have had with the management of the hotel, as well as with the management of the London MKV studio. To be given part in the renovations of this jewel of Belgrade architecture, has been an immense honour and an opportunity for which we will be forever grateful.

Metropol Palace is a hotel in which you will always feel superior. Great, luxury, service, professional staff and beautiful interiors are a guarantee that, regardless of whether you are staying there when on business, or as a tourist, or if you have just dropped in for an afternoon coffee, or dinner, during which you will watch the sunset over Belgrade, you will experience a luxurious and unforgettable stay.